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All About Conflict

$14900 $298.00
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13 Research-Based Exercises, 32 Exclusive Videos

Drs. John and Julie Gottman are excited to introduce a new collection, focused on dealing with conflict from start to finish. The first program teaches the basics of communication in conflict. You will learn which of the problems your relationship faces are solvable, and which you may continue to encounter. “Making Up After an Argument" teaches how to navigate more difficult arguments and the feelings that come along with them.

All About Love

$14900 $298.00
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15 Research-Based Exercises, 43 Exclusive Videos

Learn how to deepen your emotional connection with your partner, build trust, and make time for fun and playfulness every day in this new Gottman Relationship Coach Bundle, which combines three of our most popular products: “How to Make Your Relationship Work,” “Loving Out Loud,” and “Building a Life Together.”

All About Intimacy

$14900 $298.00
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18 Research-Based Exercises, 25 Exclusive Videos

Rediscover intimacy in your relationship with the All About Intimacy bundle, containing three of our bestselling Coach products: Enriching Your Sex Life, Feeling Seen and Heard, and Loving Out Loud. Learn how to grow closer to your partner and strengthen your physical connection, discover new ways to cherish and make time for each other, and acquire tools to enhance the fondness and admiration in your relationship.