Building a Life Together
A proven digital relationship experience for you and your partner

Building a Life Together


Whether you’ve just said ‘yes’ to a lifetime of love, or you’re re-committing to forever, learn how to build a fulfilling life together and keep the spark alive.

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All About Love Bundle

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Get more love for your money! Includes three Coach products: Building a Life Together, Loving Out Loud, and How To Make Your Relationship Work.

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Whether you’re saying ‘yes’ to a lifetime of love together, or re-committing to forever, here’s where to start.

Learn from the world’s leading experts in love in this digital program packed with videos, exercises, and role-plays designed to help you achieve the relationship you want.

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You’re ready to build a life together, but many of us were never taught how, forcing us to rely on tips from pop culture, stereotypes and unsolicited advice from family. Until now.

Building a Life Together is a new program that will guide you through the journey of trust and commitment towards lasting love. With shared goals and new dreams, you will experience plenty of fun and play along the way, while never losing sight of the intimacy and romance that brought you together.

By following these actionable, proven steps, your friends and family will look to you as an example of a healthy, happy partnership.

Building a Life Together

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Whether you're taking the leap after a long period of casual dating or you've just swept each other off your feet, committing to each other is a big step. But don't worry, with more than 50 years of research into how relationships work, the Gottmans are here to give you the specific, actionable tools you need for happily ever after.

What you’ll learn in this Coach:
  • The difference between dreams and goals
  • How to have conversations around your hopes for your lives, both individually and together
  • The meaning of trust and commitment, and how to increase both in your relationship
  • How to go “all in” on your relationship and the fruits that it can bear
  • How to introduce more fun, play, and adventure in your lives
  • How to create your own Rituals of Connection

This program is perfect for anyone looking to deepen their relationship and build a life together. Get ready to embark on a journey towards a lifetime of love and happiness.

Building a Life Together

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All About Love

Looking to make a bigger impact on your love story? Buy All About Love for just $149! This Coach Bundle includes three of our bestselling Coach products: Building a Life Together, Loving Out Loud, and How to Make Your Relationship Work.

What’s included:
  • Building a Life Together: Build trust and commitment, explore ways to infuse playfulness into your relationship, and share life goals and dreams.
  • Loving Out Loud: Enhance your love life with conversations, skills, and practices designed to strengthen the fondness and admiration in your relationship.
  • How to Make Your Relationship Work: Take intentional steps towards knowing each other and deepening your friendship to secure a happy, lasting connection.

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All About Love Bundle

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Millions of couples around the world have benefited from using the Gottman Method to build happy, lasting relationships.

Thank you to The Gottman Institute for providing the tools my partner and I needed to create this relationship. We are so grateful.—Sanchia R.

Really good, small, manageable tips to improve relationships.—Madeleine M.

Absolutely essential to relational health—for all involved.—Janice H.

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Thank you to The Gottman Institute for providing the tools my partner and I needed to create this relationship. We are so grateful.

Sanchia R.
Gottman Member

Really good, small, manageable tips to improve relationships.

Madeleine M.
Gottman Member

Absolutely essential to relational health - for all involved.

Janice H.
Gottman Member

Me and my hubbs of 33 years are living for the Gottman Institute in this beautiful season of life. It’s amazing how you never stop learning how to make your relationship blossom. I recommend it to everyone who hasn’t stopped learning!

Gottman Member

I love Gottman’s scientific approach to relationships based on years of studies into relationship successes and failures.

Jeremy H.
Gottman Member